"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts."
- Sir Winston Churchill

The Churchill Society of British Columbia was founded in 1979 and is devoted to the memory of this outstanding world leader to ensure that his ideals and achievements are not forgotten and are utilized by succeeding generations.


Christopher H. Hebb

Vice-President and Secretary
Ian E. Marshall

Vice-President  Events
Chandra Woodhouse

Jeffrey W. Gruber

Non-Officer Directors
D. Anthony Cox
Donald G. Foster
Bradley A. Newby
Susan Peirce
Peter M. Roth

Past Presidents
W.J. Sterling Sunley
Christopher H. Hebb
Dr. Joe Siegenberg*
Robert Gourlay, Q.C.*
Leslie A. Strike
R. Michael Shields
Ian B. Whitelaw
Frank J. Smyth
Mark R. Steven
Norman R.V. Faires*
Win Easton
Robert J. Brown*
David R. Hildreth
Ronald W. Downey*
* Deceased