Jonathan Manthorpe – Claws of the Panda

December 2, 2019 @ 11:30am

Please join us on Monday, December 2, to welcome our guest speaker Jonathan Manthorpe.  He will address our Society on “Claws of the Panda”.

Mr. Manthorpe’s book Claws of the Panda tells the story of Canada’s failure to construct a workable policy towards the People’s Republic of China. In particular the book tells of Ottawa’s failure to recognize and confront the efforts by the Chinese Communist Party to infiltrate and influence Canadian politics, academia, and media, and to exert control over Canadians of Chinese heritage. Claws of the Panda gives a detailed description of the CCP’s campaign to embed agents of influence in Canadian business, politics, media and academia. The party’s aims are to be able to turn Canadian public policy to China’s advantage, to acquire useful technology and intellectual property, to influence Canada’s international diplomacy, and, most important, to be able to monitor and intimidate Chinese Canadians and others it considers dissidents.

Jonathan Manthorpe is the author of “Claws of the Panda” and “Forbidden Nation: A History of Taiwan”. He has been a foreign correspondent and international affairs columnist for nearly 40 years. He was European bureau chief for the Toronto Star and then Southam News in the late 1970s and the 1980s. In 1989 he was appointed Africa correspondent by Southam News and in 1993 was posted to Hong Kong to cover Asia. For the last few years he has been based in Vancouver, writing international affairs columns for what is now the Postmedia Group. He left the group last year and now writes for a range of newspapers and websites.  Mr. Manthorpe lives in Victoria, British Columbia.

Date:     Monday, December 2, 2019

Location:   Royal Vancouver Yacht Club, 3811 Point Grey Road, Vancouver, B.C.

Time:        Reception and cash bar starts at 11:30 am; Lunch at noon (includes a glass of wine)

Cost:          $80 for a Member, spouse or a family member; $85 each for a non-Member

Dress is business attire

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